Oman Climb – Video: Splash Landing.

I got chills as I watched this video. These guys are awesome!

It just brings home the whole concept of ‘Living by Design‘ more. These guys don’t want do any other thing than to rock climb.

When asked why he does this, he replies and says “To see the world is the essence“, to experience cultures and just be fulfilled in accomplishing his heart desire.

All this takes place in the face deadly risks and uncertainties but once it is done, no one can take away that awesome feeling of fulfillment from these guys. 

He ends by saying “I’m doing this for the adventure!”

Ain’t nothing more to it

That is what I call Living by Design! Nothing happens until you decide to go for gold.

Don’t leave your life to chance! Take charge!

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It’s your life . . .Make it worth living!
Adeposi Okupe

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