I thought deeply about him -> MAN!

He trudges onward each day

immersed in that venture which he believes, hopefully, will give him the results he desires.

He spends some time with friends and family;

wants to love and be loved,

He goes out of his way to make someone happy in order that, in some manner, he may derive some joy.

He give alms and pennies to beggars on the streets . . at least he made someone’s day a little better

. . surely that should count for him on the scales of nature’s law of karma and add up to his advantage soon.

He takes a vacation in search of serenity, rest and recovery

The farther it is, the more productive he perceives its benefits.

Sometimes goes deep into the wild, or out on the open seas, camps by the beach

CLOSER TO NATURE, to enjoy the beauty and noisy silence, chaotic order of her wonders

He applies himself to work, acquires more skill and increases his investments and income,

hopefully be becomes very wealthy and has more ‘options’ and ‘control’ of his life,

retire young and rich, well rewarded for a tough labour, and enjoy the rest of his days;

Maybe become philantrophic and help some one, some community, country or continent,

at least he gave back to society and helped make the world a better place . . a feeling of fulfillment that cannot be replaced by anything

He takes up a cause and commits to it blood, sweat and tears,

fights for the rights of the underprivileged, and rises up to be a prominent leader in his own right

soon enough, he becomes an icon of significance, and his stories would inspire the coming generations

He may take a fast pill to happiness and satisfaction, and indulge in alcohol, wild parties and women

to forget his sorrows for the moment and pray they go away by dawn.

He may withdraw to the books, science and philosophy, by which he may attempt to decipher the reason for existence and the secrets of life’s mystery

He wants to know the meaning of life.

But at the end of each search lies a surprise, and as the wise King Solomon of Israel concluded and said,

“Then I took a good look at everything I’d done, looked at all the sweat and hard work.

But when I looked, I saw nothing but smoke. Smoke and spitting into the wind.

There was nothing to any of it. Nothing.”

Even when we succeed at a given quest, we find that it doesn’t contain the satisfaction that we desired so we go again in search for more.

It appears to me that the end of all our labour points to one thing,

anything short of which, we will never be satisfied.

Self-subsistent and self-sustaining existence. . .God!

He placed eternity in our hearts; He dwells in eternity and He is eternity!
He is the subject of man’s deepest yearnings and the focus of our search.

And all of man’s effort to find happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction outside of God is vanity and a chasing after the wind.

Nothing in this world will do; not houses, not wealth, not fame, not marriage, not religion.

What we are searching for, surprisingly, is revealed on the inside and not outside,

intangible tangibility that can neither be discovered by human effort nor perceived by human wisdom.

I speak of a reality that is more real than the one we know and are familiar with.

Search inwards and an endless dimension begins to unveil.


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