Adeposi Okupe

Are you living intentionally?

To live by design, you must make a move to stop living reactively, and start living intentionally. Most folks are living reactively; the bills will come in soon therefore they...
Adeposi Okupe

Don’t get “Stuck on Stupid”

I dont assume most people start out this way, but because the world change and the rules change.. If you insist on playing today’s game by yesterday’s rules,...
The power of vision

Working with a Vision in 2014!

I am very big on vision and dreams ever since I understood its importance in doing anything significant or living a fulfilled life. Vision gives direction to a person or an...
Moving people to action

How to move your people to action!!

If you have been, or are currently in a position of leadership, you will well agree with me that most times it is quite a herculean task in successfully getting your team...
All out massive action

The Major Ingredient For Success!

I’m sure at several points in your life, when about to start on a new venture or project, you may have spent a huge amount of time ‘thinking’ and planning,...
Leaders never stop learning

What every leader must know today!

I saw a quote by Lao Tzu some days ago about leadership and it stopped me in my tracks…got me thinking how many times we get it all wrong. Here’s it- “A...