I love bikes . . Bicycles, motorbikes, powerbikes, name it. I was even planning to get one early this year but for the series of warnings I got from loved ones about the dangers of biking on Lagos roads. However, this post isn’t about my love for bikes but it’s a lesson I’ve drawn out of my little experience biking.

biker me

I discovered this awesome feat with my bicycle many years ago and I’ve also seen other bikers and two-wheelers do the same. If you have experience riding or are quite observant, you notice that when you start moving and you gain some speed, you can pretty much go hands-free and take your hands off, using only your legs to pedal and also shifting your weight to balance.

What’s interesting to note is that you can’t start off riding hands-free, you have to hold steady with your hands first and then you can take them off when you are in motion.
Maybe by now, you’re wondering where I’m going with all this, but the same principle applies to life and business.

You start off a bit shaky, needing guidance and probably crashing a few times. It’s a bit demanding to maintain control at first, but as you increase in speed, it becomes easier to balance, take your hands off and just go.


So maybe you are in those beginning phases in your career, business or anything in life generally, it’s always a rough start, just have it at the back of your mind that it’s going to become easier when you start moving.

The tip here is to start moving.

You have to create the momentum in your business, and then the ripple effect will follow after. Take massive action right from the onset, it will be uncomfortable at first, but when you break the inertia, it will be easy going hands-free.

It’s your future . . Make it worth living!

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