Want to ramp up your business success online?

How about learning some age-long techniques and mindset triggers to help your engagement and to get more results with your online marketing efforts?

There are several secrets that are very applicable but I am going to discuss 3 major ones in this video.

You have realized something frustrating about your blog or online platform.

When you visit other channels, blogs, or platforms you see hundreds or even thousands of comments, likes and shares.

But when you publish your own content, all you hear is crickets!

Why You Are Not Getting Engagement On Your Online Platform

There are some natural principles of communication and leadership that can be the game changer for your business online.

I discuss 3 of them in this video so you can start making necessary changes in your communication and strategy.

Watch closely and you can start applying these secrets as soon as your next email broadcast or social media post.

NOTE: These secrets are powerful and must not to be used to manipulate people out of their money. .

They are simply natural and powerful principles that when used rightly, will definitely enhance the quality of your engagement with your audience and the results you get in your business online.

Here are 3 secrets that can really help you get more business success online.

1| Community

I learnt this from Simon Sinek a couple of years ago.

You must look to do business not with people who want what you have, but look to do business with people who believe what you believe.

How can you create a platform that brings such people together with the aim of providing value to them.

Community is a very powerful concept and it fastens the process of building relationships with your target audience and really learning what their pain points even before you start creating your product solutions.

I created a growing community of entrepreneurs called The Side Business Network hosted on a closed Facebook Group.

I’ve learnt much more about the people I am trying to serve from this interacting and engaging with the community than when I was brainstorming and strategizing simply based on assumptions and research.

Find a way to build community either through your blog, forum, social media platform or even offline event and the quality of your engagement will go through the roof.

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2| Authority

This is what separates frustrated business owners from those who have more customers than they know what to do with.

Imagine for a second that you are getting 20 people a day reaching out to you either via text, email or social media asking to work with you or do business with you in one way or another.

How different is that from you having to chase your target market everyday and literally strain them out with interruption marketing.

Authority makes doing business online one of the easiest and most fun things to do.

If someone comes to you saying they want you to coach them, don’t you think they would be more likely to put in the effort and succeed than someone who you had to chase after and convince to buy your coaching program?

I thought so too.

The way you build authority is by adding value to your audience consistently over time.

Find ways that you can be of amazing value to people upfront without asking for money first.

What specific result can you help your target audience to achieve in a very short time?

Can you help them get more clarity about their problem?

What of teaching some skill or giving them an aha moment?

It could also be an inspirational piece letting them know they can achieve their desired result.

This blog post is one way to add value because I’m sharing some techniques and skills to get better results in your business online.

And because I am the source, you naturally ascribe authority to me when it comes to building a business online.

It’s just a natural unconscious thing we do.

And wouldn’t it be better dealing with your clients as an authority figure and expert, than if you still had to prove to them every time that you know your onions?

See how it works?

Simple but really powerful.

If you are interested in becoming known as an authority in your niche so that you begin to attract our ideal clients rather than chase after them, Click here to take my 7-Day Authority Challenge to instantly boost your expert status.

3| Reciprocity

Reciprocity kicks in automatically when you have built a community of raving fans and acquired and authority status in your business online.

But the principle can still be used as a standalone concept in your marketing efforts and other communication.

It is based solely on the idea that if you give, others will give back to you.

It’s a simple natural law that is very true and really powerful if used ethically and with wisdom.

So the whole idea of building authority by providing amazing value to your audience up front without asking for money,

they will be more likely to buy from your simply because you have given to them first.

You may have just helped them see more clearly or you helped them achieve a specific result in a very short time.

That is why providing value to your audience consistently is a must if you are building a business online and really is a no-brainer when you really understand how building community, authority and reciprocity all work.

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Was that helpful? Now you know how to increase your results and get more business success online. It’s time to take action.


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