Businessman celebrating with trophy in handTrust me this is a good one!!  Who doesn’t want to build a successful online business? Or get Hitched?

You agree with me that this is one of the most powerful and life changing phrases in our lives.

That moment when you consent and commit to someone.

You also agree that you don’t say “I DO” to just anybody.

This is not about marriage, but we can pull out a really important lesson from it.

It’s more than just love now

Trust and Responsibility find their way into the mix of considerations and contemplation.

And those who do not do their due diligence get a sour taste later on, right?

You know this!

It’s not rocket science, right?

But when it comes to making business decisions, you also need to take it with a serious effort in contemplation and consideration.

If you are thinking of Starting a Business in Nigeria,

Whether it’s in what business to start . .

Or what location to set up, if it’s a traditional business . .

Or yea, I love this one, ‘Who to Partner with’. .

Or what business model and structure you should adopt.

Make sure you do your due diligence before saying ‘yes’ .

Even when taking on new clients, you definitely need to consider relevant business success factors.

Now you may say I’m taking it too far. . Clients?

Yes, Clients, because you are going to spend time working with them and bad energy and “contrary spirits” will bring you lower in value than the profit you end up making from that contract.

If you need to consult an advisor or and expert before moving forward, do so!

Your business will thank you for it, and reward you.

What You Need To Be Doing To Build A Successful Business


Most of us want to start businesses that can run for the entire span of our lifetimes and be passed to our generations to build a lasting legacy.

If you are doing to build this kind of business, then you definitely need to be counting the costs of any decision you make in the business,

and taking into full consideration the pros and cons of any venture.

Creating a successful business is not rocket science, even though it’s grueling hard work.

It’s simply a mix of making the right choices time after time.

And learning from bad choices and making a commitment not to repeat them again.

LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP, said the author!

But there are also mirages, and shiny objects that deceive.

So I’ll add to that foundation and say,

Look before you leap, but also consult those who have gone ahead in that direction. .

Look before you leap, but also do you due diligence.

Was that helpful? It’s time to take action.

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