dream bigEver since the birth of computing and the internet, online network marketing business has grown and exploded in leaps and bounds. And then social media came and changed the game completely.

With network marketing being a relationships business, smart network marketers who know how to leverage the power of the internet have gone on to create massively successful Online Network Marketing Businesses.

I for one have really leveraged using internet strategies and tools to prospect, recruit train and advance my teams in a fraction of the time it would take to achieve the same without the internet. This blog is an example of one of the ways I’m building my brand authority online and attracting more business and like-minded individuals who want to do business with me.

Are you looking to really figure out how to build your mlm business online, this in-depth training will really expose you to key foundational principles of building a profitable home based business using the power of the internet.

What you will learn in this training:

  • How to keep your team members inspired and motivated to crush it in their business
  • The No 1 strategy that determines whether you will fail or succeed in your online network marketing business
  • A non-profit-producing activity that most network marketers mistake and waste 80% of their time doing
  • How to give your team a sense of belonging as well as a unified purpose and drastically increase retention (one more reason why they should not quit).

Excited to dive into this training and get these value-nuggets?

Warning: There’s no point going forward if you are not ready to take action. This video will only help you if you are an action taker.

How to get the best out of this Training

  • Decide now that you will apply what you learn in your business
  • Watch the video with laser focus and a clear intention of learning to do.
  • Grab a pen and paper and take notes so you can remember and also teach your team and your audience.

7 Steps To Build Your Online Network Marketing Business [VIDEO TRAINING]


How To Build Your MLM Online in 7 steps

1| Create a Home Base For Your Team

how to build a teamYour team needs to have a place they call home. . your headquarters online. In order to grow a massive team, you must put in place a platform to bond with your team members, a place where they can feel safe and welcome at all times.

A home base will help you:

  1. Bond with your team members
  2. Establish and maintain the team culture
  3. Feel safe and loved by a family of inspired and positive people after experiencing the rejections, negativity and skepticism out there in the market.

A home base will keep your team members motivated regardless of what they face outside because they know they can always come back to refuel and recharge when they need it.

How To Set Up A Home Base For Your Online Network Marketing Business Team Members

The most effective way to do this online is through Facebook Groups. You can achieve a lot for free through the groups and use it as an online hub and the center of your team activities.

Be sure to make it private and only invite members of your team as well as any new members that join.

Note: Your team may already have a Facebook Group. If they do, just be sure to plug yourself in and also any new members that you have. If your team does not have one, step up as a leader and create it.

2| Establish a Front Line/ Core Leadership Team

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. . You need to establish a Front Line for your team. These are people who take responsibility for the direction, activities and events pertaining to the online network marketing business team.

In the beginning, obviously you are going to be the only one on the front line and not everyone you sign up is wiling or capable of filling this role.

Just be on the look out and have a few leaders on the team that you can bounce ideas off, brainstorm and also pull weights together to move the group forward.

If you want to take this seriously, delegate individual responsibilities to each leader in your core leadership team.

beliefs and actions3| Create A Core Identity

People decide emotionally and justify logically. One of the hidden reasons, though very strong, that people start an online network marketing business is that they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Your team needs to have a core identity/ a vision so compelling that you and your team members wake up everyday pumped up to actualize that vision.

The interesting thing about having a compelling vision is that you give your team members one more reason to build the business.

Best Way To Create Your Team Vision

My advice here is not to sit down and drum up a fancy vision or tag line for your team. . it probably won’t stick or resonate. And this is why I only recommend having a team name or identity after you have some activity or momentum in your online network marketing business.

Tip: Observe your team activities and find the common ground among the team in terms of common beliefs, work ethics, location and goals, action strategies and so on.

If you look closely, you will find melting point that resonates with the team and also is kind of a heritage for the team. . something you are proud of.

Example: A team in my company is synonymous with working round the clock, doing presentations at 2am, 3am on the streets of New York and just taking insane amounts of action. They were so consistent with this that people started asking them if they sleep at all? Then other teams started calling them Team No-Sleep.  The name stuck and they realized that it was a common team culture and it actually fueled them to do more as they take pride in it.

The amazing thing about this culture is that not only does it give the members a sense of identity and fuel them to take more action, it also attracts others who are not in the team to want to know more about the vision.

Somebody Say Attraction!

4| Mark Your Territory

Once you have identified your core identity and team culture, you need to mark your territory.

Produce souvenirs that establish and brand your team. A company I’m a part of gives branded mugs as a souvenir when you hit a milestone in your business.

Be creative and find ways to instill your team brand into activities and your daily operation. It will help to increase the excitement in the team as you clearly define what you are known for and how people can identify you.

A common way many teams mark their territory is by doing team shirts and merchandise. Wear them when you do events or just to create curiosity on the streets.

But whatever you do, make sure you mark your territory.

5| Have A Basic Plan Of Action

This one is HUGE! This is in my opinion the most important strategy online. Have a basic plan of action for your online network marketing business and stick to it.

A recipe for failure is to bank on your self motivation because it will fail you. Some days you will just have no motivation to take any action but it’s only if you have committed to a daily routine that you can surpass this.

Come up with a daily routine and set a trend by staying consistent with it and showing your team what’s possible.

Tony Robbins, If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, copy what they do and you will create the same results.

Show your team what’s possible by sticking to a daily method of operation yourself and letting your results convince them that they need to follow suit.

6| Support Your Team

zig ziglar helping others


Success in your online network marketing business is hinged on how well you can support your team members to achieve their goals.

Be there for your team. Not in any spoon-feeding or baby-sitting way but make sure you support those who are taking action.

The No 1 Mistake many network marketers make is to spend time training their team members thinking that they are driving profits. This may shock you but it’s the truth,

Your training is not actually going to drive your members to create results. The only thing that create results is taking massive action. Period.

The sports coach does not develop the player in the dressing room. The coach can only help the player if he’s on the field passing the ball.

Tip: Spend 80% of your time on profit producing activities, share the rest between producing valuable content to your audience and training the action takers on your team. This will create more results and actually inspire the non-action takers who do not want to be left behind.

7| Expand Beyond Measure

You need to have an all-consuming vision that draws you.

Is your vision the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before you go to bed?

The hallmark of your leadership is when you are able to pass on that knowledge to your team and get them motivated about the team vision as much as you are.

This has to be something bigger than money.

My team has a vision of freeing 100 families every year. Now that’s a compelling vision that moves people to action, because all the members of the team know that there is a bigger reason behind all the action we are taking and the results we are creating.

So let me ask you a question I really want you to think about.

After you are financially free earning multiple 7 figures a year and having thousands of 6 and 7 figure earners on your team, what will your focus be then? What will drive you?

You as the leader must have the vision first and run with it so that your team members can catch up and also carry it on.

This is the true power of the home business industry and an online network marketing business and the ultimate goal you can have.

Tip: Write the vision, make it plain , that he may run that readeth it.

Hope you got value from this post?

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      This is an excellent post. Love how you listed the things into 7 easy steps that even a cave man can follow.

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