build an audienceAre you looking to Build Your Audience For your Business of people who know, like and trust you?

Here are 3 simple but profound tips that you can apply to start building an audience the right way.

Thanks to Jeff Goins and Gary Vaynerchuck for their constant value because this post was inspired by their teachings.

How To Build An Audience Online From Scratch

The framework of making money online is quite simple –

  1. Publish valuable content consistently to build authority on your niche,
  2. Build a list of people who like what you do and come back for more, using an email autoresponder service like Getresponse or Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.
  3. Build and nurture a your relationship with your list,
  4. Understand the unique challenges of your list and sell the solution to them.

Okay that was my way of summarizing the art of making money online as a pro. Now let’s get into the three tips.

Pay close attention and I recommend that you get a pen and paper and write these tips down so you can review them as you build your audience online.

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How To Build Your Audience Online in Three Steps

1| Focus on Passion, Not Results

I listened to an audio book, Crush It- Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion  by Gary Vaynerchuck a while ago and recently listened to it again last week. He did an amazing job of drumming in the important of only working on something you are passionate about. The bottom line is that to build a successful business online, you are going to need a great deal of patience and perseverance because anything great takes time to build – and it’s the same when you want to build an audience online.

In the online world, even if you do not have a huge marketing or advertising budget, if you have Passion and Sweat (two things I really hope you do have) and you are willing to apply yourself in the online world, then you can definitely succeed in the online world. Focus on passion because this is what will keep you going in your early days, or weeks, or months when no one is giving you attention.

2| Do your best when no one is watching

There’s a very unproductive attitude that most of us carry from the employee world into the online business world.

Make a mental note of this: At your work place, you are an employee, you don’t drive the profit bottom-line of your company and you are payed based on an agreed number of hours that you show up for 5 days a week; but in the online world, you are your own CEO and you are going to be paid based on productivity and not merely hours spent.

The employee attitude of putting your best when the lights are on, maybe when there’s a meeting or when your boss is around will not serve your or help you build an audience online that knows, likes and trusts you enough to throw their money at you. You must be willing to give your best 100% of the time, including when no one is watching.

This is why you need to be passionate about what you are talking about, because in the first place nobody wants to listen to you if you’re talking about something you’re not passionate about because you just sound like everyone else.

Your personality needs to shine through, the only way this will happen is if you talk about something you are passionate about and you need to go at it with a whatever it takes mindset and a decision to keep providing your best content as long as it will take for people to notice and start listening to you.

Guess what, if you do it long enough, people start to notice, and when they do, they will love you because you are different, and unique and your personality shines through your content, and you have mastered your art of communication because you have been doing it for so long. People will start to tell others about you and – funnily true – beg you to buy your products or work with you.

Someone say Ka-ching!!!!

respect the process

3| Respect the process, and the results will follow

Don’t be in a hurry. Make the mental decision that you are in for the long haul.

What helped me make this decision is when I outlined my life goals and established how a home business is what can get me there fastest and safest.

Success in business is really not about using the latest techniques and strategies, but it’s about the person you need to become in order to attract the right people, customers and partners in your life. This way, success now becomes merely a way to keep score and a by product of your personal development as a leader.

Respect the process and enjoy it. The journey is the reward, not the destination.

Money can be spent, people can unsubscribe off your list but what guarantees you can do it all again is the extent of personal development you have invested in yourself.

Have you ever heard Top Earners say that, if you take all their money and their team away from them and drop them off in a city that they do not know a single person, they can most certainly build a 6-figure income within 12 months? That sort of confidence can only come when you have developed yourself and invested massively in your training!

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how to build a loyal audience

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