In line with the the vision for this blog, I signed up for a blogging challenge (Blogging201) that started earlier this week. It’s organised by WordPress and is centered around Branding and Growth.

The goal is to development of my blog into exactly what I intended it to be when I started – An online inspirational community.

I started my blog not just to gain followers but TO ADD VALUE to people by building an active community online. The aim of the blog is to inspire people to pursue and fulfill their life purpose, and also document my journey: experiences, lessons learnt and success in the process. I plan to develop this into a strong followership with measurable impact. I also want the impact of this challenge to be measurable.

So the first assignment was to define 3 concrete goals for the blog and make it public (optional). It took a while to prioritize and condense but here we are.

My 3 concrete goals:

– Have 500 ‘active’ followers by August 31
– Have 50 daily hits by August 31
– Establish a periodic insightful/ expository feature that would raise discussions on the blog by commenting and/or pingbacks on other blogs… (weekly i think, I’d love to hear your comments on this in terms of frequency).

Comments/ suggestions are welcome.

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