Dealing with Rejection: When Prospects Say No To Your Opportunity.


Getting Rejected is one of the biggest reasons people say No to Network Marketing. In this article, I share one fundamental principle of Network Marketing Success that you must master in order to get the results that you desire. It is really a hard pill to swallow. . . being rejected, but that’s only the case when…

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Hustle for your future

hustle for your future

What if you hustled to create your future with the same amount of energy that you put in to keep your day job? Do you agree that you probably are not putting in the required effort to create the success you desire? In today’s video I share an earlier recording in February that hits the…

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How To Evaluate Risk: In Life & Business

how to evaluate risk

. . But isn’t that too risky? You’ve probably heard that question or something close from a friend of family member? Yes they care about you and don’t want to see you hurt, but . . . The fact that a particular thing is risky doesn’t mean it isn’t worth exploring! In fact, the greatest gains…

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The Illusion of difference: Overcoming Self-Sabotage

illusion of difference

I was really on to this particular presentation and I was dead sure Chuks was going to sign up . . . I did the Invitation smoothly, set the appointment, did the 3-step setup perfectly and pushed play on the presentation video. . Everything was perfect until he said, ‘Err.. Adeposi, this is a really brilliant…

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MLM Prospecting Tips: What Prospects Want

what prospects want

I’m certain you’ve thought about this before? What the heck do prospects actually want from you? What am I not saying? Or What am I saying wrong? . . . Ever thought along those lines before? In today’s post I’m going to share 2 important things your prospects want from you. The interesting thing is that they…

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7 Secrets to $7-figure Network Marketing Success

7 secrets to 7 figures - adeposi okupe

Who doesn’t want to earn 7-figures in their Network Marketing Business? You know it’s not just a lofty dream because you have seen many 7 and even 8-figure earners in Network Marketing Industry . . and they repeatedly tell us plainly what they did to get there. Have you ever walked up to a top-earner at an event…

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3 Tips To Triple Your MLM Productivity

Today, I’d like to share three tips to increase your productivity in your business without necessarily putting in any extra effort. That entrepreneurs are busy people is not a new story in any way. . and you might as well already know that not all activities are profit producing activities. In other words, the fact…

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Walking In Purpose [Straight Talk]

walking inpurpose - adeposi okupe

Are you living out your purpose or are you still suppressing it? My friend, if you going to start truly living, you must be walking in the direction of your purpose. There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability. – Sharron Angle…

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Why Network Marketing – Two Crucial Reasons You Should Start An MLM Business

Why Network Marketing

High chances are that you have been approached recently by someone asking you to attend an opportunity meeting or seminar. . . Or maybe you watched a video, or were shown a product sample. Either way, Network Marketing is all around you whether you are aware of it or not. Interestingly, many companies have started adopting…

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My Notes From The Orange Summit [Part 2 – Social Media]

the orange summit social media

So! Yesterday I started sharing my notes on some of the value bombs dropped at the The Orange Summit , an Innovation & Technology Conference that holds once a quarter in Lagos. I attended the maiden edition last week Saturday (18th July). If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to learn how you can effectively leverage on technology and navigate…

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