How to get from business idea to a perfect launch working part time

It is time to launch out.

It is time to get your behind off the procrastination bench and get to work building that business idea that has been bouncing around in your head.

My goal with this course is to help you figure out your game plan for your vision or business idea and get started with it even if you are still working full time in a job.


Here’s what you will get by enrolling in Part-Time Profits Game Plan:

– Gain 100% Clarity on your core message and brand positioning. Where should you be and what should you be doing

– Learn tested strategies to start your business without breaking the bank.

– I will work with you to develop a road map for the first phase of your side business to get you running and generating immediate cash flow.

– How to build an Authority Brand and how to attract your paying customers who stay loyal to you

– Learn the three fundamental pillars of part-time business success. Without this I guarantee you are wasting your time. It will be better to just stick with your current job and keep hoping for the next promotion.

I have a painful confession to make.

I admit that not so long ago I was tired and frustrated about what exactly I was to do with my life.

Yes I have a job, and a good paying one at that. But I never wanted to rely solely on my job for income. I’m sure you have heard all the ‘multiple streams of income’ sermons so I don’t need to start preaching that to you again.

But the problem was that I had so many marketable skills and interests that I became confused as to which one to actually pursue and turn into a business.

So I found that I was dabbling into several things that I was proficient at but never hitting it with any because:

  • I wasn’t 100% clear on what my core message to the world and the best area I can be most productive in.
  • I didn’t have a solid road map for my business and so my game plan was just to wing it. (Don’t be that guy)

It practically got me to a place of total frustration because I had so much energy but couldn’t focus it on a particular direction.

Imagine the sun with all its power and how it warms the earth and provides light.

You’ve probably heard the theory that if the sun were to move an inch closer to the earth or vice versa, we would all be toast because of the intensity of the sun.

Well, take a concave lens and place it over a piece of paper, when you get the right positioning, the lens concentrated the rays of the sun and produces enough heat to melt the paper. . or your skin if you use that. That’s the power of focus.

I also know of a building in the United Kingdom that because of the way the glass cladding was done, at some times of the day it reflects the sun light and focuses it in a particular area on the road that anything that passes there faces the risk of melting. That’s the power of concentration.

But how can you focus and concentrate when you are not clear on what you want to do and you do not have game plan for your business?

How can you lead your audience and provide amazing value to them that makes them want to throw their hard-earned money at you?

Remember the lens? The Part Time Profits Game Plan is that Lens.

In this course I take you through a focused period of 12 weeks after which you will emerge crystal clear on your business goal, game plan and have the tools and skills to create a profitable business even if you are working part time.


Part-Time Profits Game Plan (Basic Course)

The course is broken down into 3 Modules and 12 lessons in total which we go through once a week.

Module 1 – Gaining Business Clarity

Lesson 1- Introduction

The Importance and benefits of being 100% clear of your business goals and mission.

Lesson 2- Let’s get clear.

I go deep with you to extract major pointers in your past experiences, personality and passions that are the building blocks of your Genius zone where you are the most productive.

Lesson 3- Defining Your Niche

In this lesson, I break down the whole Niche thing and help you identify your most productive Niche through my proprietary GAS Model and then establish your target market and demography.

Lesson 4 – Secrets of Building an Influential and Trustworthy Brand

Discover the strategies highly paid experts use to build a reputable brand that commands respect and attracts followers, fans and loyal customers.


Module 2 – Personal Development (The Master Key To Business Success)

Lesson 1- Your Greatest and Most Valuable Asset in your Business
How to nurture, expand and exploit your most valuable asset in your business.

Lesson 2- The crucial determinant of your success
Discover what separates successful businesses from frustrated wannabe entrepreneurs.

Lesson 3- 10 Common Habits of Highly Successful people
We look at 10 Common habits of successful people.
TIP: If you want to have a certain result, look for someone who has done what you want to do, model what they have done, and you will create the same results for yourself.

Lesson 4-  Daily Routines
The only way to know for sure if you will succeed or fail is to examine your daily routine. We look at the elements that must be included in your daily routine in order to ensure you create success without losing your mind.

BONUS – How to cut years off your learning curve and speed-build your business


Module 3 – Building an Authority Platform

Lesson 1- Introduction to Authority Building and Branding
Understanding the most reliable way to build a sustainable business.

Lesson 2- How to become an expert any field
The guaranteed way to be in the top 5% of experts in your niche.

Lesson 3- Selecting your platform and owning it
I will help you look at your strengths and interests and gauge where you should spend most of your time so that you can get the best results with the little time you invest in building your business.

Lesson 4-  Exposure Secrets. . .Getting Yourself Out There
We look at Audience and Community Building principles, how to get yourself known in your niche and how to dominate it.

Bonus –  The Power of Business Relationships


Module 4 – Technicalities

Lesson 1- Foundations Of A Sustainable Part Time Business
We look at some foundational principles for building a sustainable business, how to attract loyal paying customers and ultimately craft out a road map for you to run with.

Lesson 2- Attraction Marketing
You will learn how to have people flocking to your business with some really easy to do steps you will be shocked.

Lesson 3- Bootstrapping And Lean Methodologies
Learn How to start up your business without breaking the bank and scaling techniques to maximize your chances of success when you launch to your target market.

Lesson 4-  Road Mapping
We set a game plan for the next couple of months for your business, set expectations and revenue projections, and business assessment strategies.

BONUS – How To Get Your Customers To Carry Your Business On Their Head Like It’s Their Father’s Business




How To Enrol

One-Time Payment: N30,000 Naira 


Make a deposit to the account below and send an email to with your Name and Proof of Payment to secure your seat.

Bank Name: First Bank Nigeria Plc

Bank Account Number: 3083465337

Bank Account Name: Adeposi Okupe

 Once your payment is confirmed, you will contacted and added to the Private Facebook Part-Time Profits Course Group to get started!