The key to sustainable progress and longevity.

This is a simple wisdom that can transform the way you see life, if you are patient enough to understand and apply it.

Every situation life brings presents two faces:
– a problem (obstacle to your progress), or
– an opportunity (breakthrough in disguise).

Time and space will fail me to give an exhaustive list of example because every situation is like a coin that has two faces, one positive and the other negative.
It’s almost as if, if it were not so, nature would be set in a dangerous imbalance.

In essence, that situation that causes worry/ anxiety in your life, when flipped, can be a major setup to happiness.
Or the unfriendly neighbor can become your best friend if a very unseemly factor is flipped in your relationship.

Its common knowledge that the biggest success stories are about people who identified a problem, did something about it, and presented the solution to us as a product.

The fact remains that we all identify the problems but the factor is our reaction to that problem. Do we see it as merely an obstacle to our happy (not so happy) lives or so we realize that it could actually be an opportunity to make us better, happier people.

It’s not the situation in itself that makes us happy or sad, its our evaluation of the situation that determines how it affects us.

Many times, a relationship problem is an indicator that we need to change or improve a part of ourselves, and once that is done, voila!

Robert Kiyosaki, talking about mindsets, gave an illustration.
Average people: I can’t afford this
Successful people: How can I afford this?

It’s  the same situation, relative to both people, but the mindset makes all the difference.

While its true that all I’m saying is simple but not that easy to do, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

Note that successful people and companies will become more successful, and poor and average people and companies will become poorer because the successful ones will continuously looks at their problems as opportunities to improve, become better, more efficient and deliver higher quality products.

So between problems and solutions is one factor. Call it your DECISION. Because you decide what that situation will mean to you. You decide what face of the coin will have meaning.

Its all about the faces. What face are you looking at?

PS: This is an additional insight, also like the coin. . You decide whether it has meaning or not.. Lol.

You will live a much longer, healthier life if you always look at the bright side of things, being optimistic about situations. You will smile more because you will be adding value when you find solutions, you will also have less wrinkles, age more slowly and gracefully, and definitely you will be less likely to develop heart conditions and high blood pressure! So Cheers to Longevity!

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