I’m all about mazimizing potential. It’s my passion. I’m very big on personal development and Leadership and many of the discussions here are centered around that.

I created this blog to reach out to those of  you who  believe we can change the world one person at a time, starting with ourselves.


I believe in radical thinking, pragmatic and scalable solutions to global and local issues.

I’m all about challenging statusquo and I’d rather share my thoughts and connect with like-minds, share ideas and experiences and learn from others too.

With this blog, I hope to reach the person who desires a richer life, full of meaning and living by purpose, engage them in productive discussions and grow a community of believers who are ready to take charge of their lives.

I strongly believe that we are constantly creating our future by the little actions and thoughts we engage in on a daily basis and if we are not satisfied with our current results (which are an effect of the thoughts and actions of yesterday), we can change the outcome of tomorrow by tweaking the thoughts and actions we engage in today.

My goal is to find and cultivate an active community, bustling with creative ideas and inspiration, with people being empowered on a daily basis to make their lives as productive and full as they want it to be.

I’m building a tribe! Are you one of us?

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