To live by design, you must make a move to stop living reactively, and start living intentionally.
Most folks are living reactively; the bills will come in soon therefore they have to hustle out enough to get them to next month; making just enough to get by for now.
A whole lot of people live reactively because its convenient, not necessarily comfortable but they would rather bear the pain of the known than discover the pain of the unknown. It’s a boring way to live. In fact, I call it mere existence because once you are living reactively, life continues to heap those situations upon you and it will keep you busy foe the rest of your life doing nothing (no real lasting productivity).

Its saddening that many are satisfied leaving the reins of their lives in the hands of those who only care that they show up at 8am, and just regard them as a statistic.

Don’t let fear cripple your ambition. Rather, let it move you to action. Its just an indication that you are taking charge. All those who have made lasting change or fulfilled their dreams have not done so in the absence of fear. They achieved their dreams in spite of fear, criticism, threats and risk.

CHECK: If all your activities lined up for today were determined by external factors rather than decisively to achieve a goal, you are probably living reactively.

Follow your passion.
There is a better way!
Good morning and have a productive day!

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