The best decision I ever made

Life was starting to make sense. I was progressively identifying things I liked and things I didn’t like. I discovered I was naturally inclined to the great outdoors due to my curiosity. I saw there was more to life than my immediate environment and I wanted to discover it. If I was to name a hobby, it would have been curiosity. Because that was the basis of almost everything I did and raved about.

That’s what led me to learn web design, to learn the piano, to join the choir, to play football, to join the taekwondo club (I’m a red belter), to enlist in the paramilitary while in the university and rise to become the Commander-in-Chief in 3 years (a rank I was re-elected to hold for a second regime), to become a fitness addict and to be as spiritually inclined as I am. I was curious to know why my teachers in school were only interested in my grades (and I was usually top of the class), but not in what I wanted to learn about the subject or whatever interest that topic sparked in me. I figured early enough that most, if not all, of my teachers were doing that only because of their salary at the end of the month. That pissed me off because it seemed to me they were acting in class and they really didn’t care, and it showed.

I would also realize later that most of the people working jobs were doing the same; they didn’t like their jobs, their bosses or their colleagues. My gut reaction, ‘Why the heck are they working there?’ If that was the reason for working, I never wanted to work in my life. That would be boring. Why would I do that? I grew to learn that everyone needed to make a living, and this was just the way many people did that. I would eventually need to earn an income also, but why couldn’t I do so while doing the things I wanted to do so bad?

And that’s what led me to decide to create my future, on purpose. And #Futurebydesign was born.

This blog is a testament to the person I am becoming due to the people I have met and the experiences I have tasted because of this decision. I am learning so much so fast about Leadership, personal development and success in life that I feel I’m cheating the world if I don’t find a way to share my knowledge, experiences and ideas with you.

Hang around this blog, and you will discover why I think this is a better way to live.

There really is a better way. .and I’m happy I found it!

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    • ajshannon2014

      Looking forward to hearing more. I liked your line ‘If that was the reason for working, I never wanted to work in my life.’ Couldn’t agree more!

      • atmokupe

        Yeah, and its scary that so many people are ‘satisfied’ with ‘boring’ lives. Technically, i figured they are not satisfied, but they just are not daring enough to do something different than what the majority is doing. I chose to be different; I’m just starting out, and so far, it’s been a blast. . Adrenaline rush, excitement, surprise, risk, suspense. This approach to life is more fun.

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