Age is but a number.

Have you ever seen two full-fledged adults arguing, complaining or whining like kids?
You feel a bit ashamed on their behalf especially if you have some sort of respect or admiration for them, or maybe they’re your role model. Couldn’t they have settled this privately, or any other way rather than in public?

Age is but a number! And Maturity isn’t entirely a factor of one’s age.

I considered another scenario.
As a young entrepreneur, while dealing with prospective clients, I have had to deal with some cases where my competence is perceived through the lens of how old I am. And some clients are sceptical about my track record and what I say I can do.
I also had to increase my self-confidence level when I found myself in positions of leadership in a paramilitary organisation while in the university. So with time and experience, I developed a charisma and confidence way above my age, by natural adaptation; and recently I took account and I discovered that on average I am perceived to be about 3 – 5 years older than I really am.

Some time ago, my mum applied for a certain position in an organisation which she believed she was entirely capable of. She was confident she would have over-delivered on the job but she wasn’t accepted because of her age.

Surprises me but the fact remains that Age is but a number, and skill and competence aren’t entirely a factor of one’s age.

We should evaluate people based on their skills and competence – factors affected by their conscious decision, rather than by age, race, or background – factors decided without their permission.

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