Who is Adeposi Okupe?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that within the last 3 years, working with my laptop and smartphone, I would –

  • Take 9 paid holidays in Africa, Europe and Asia at top hotels and resorts with my dad combined

  • Earn over $10,000 in commissions with my  home business within 20 months

  • Build tremendous relationships and precious friendships with the best kinds of people from all over world

  • Have the opportunity to impact as many people as I can now with what I’ve learnt.

According to Steve jobs, you can only connect the dots looking backwards.

adeposi okupe

Becoming an Authority

I learnt a magical formula to become and authority in any niche - The ILT model

  • I stands for INVEST
  • L stands for LEARN
  • T stands for TEACH

I decided to start pouring my knowledge in to others teaching what I already knew and what I am continuously learning . .
Leverage the amazing power of the internet to build a home based business and create total freedom.


Total Freedom – You preach freedom but why are you still working a day job?

I started working on a home business in university in order not to be stuck in a day job. I have a job now, but I am not stuck in that job because I have another stream of income that I can fall back on or switch to and scale up. Although I have personal intentions for why I’m still in paid employment for this period, relating to my goals for the near future.

The difference is that I have options, and options make all the difference when it comes to financial security. I am also documenting how I’m achieving financial freedom in my spare time and teaching others to do the same.

Mr. Adeposi Okupe is a very positive, passionate and enthusiastic person. We have had opportunity to work together in solomon ughuluthe same team, he has great team spirit and demonstrates awesome leadership.
I admire his ability to quickly see and focus on the bigger picture. He enjoys helping other see the bigger picture too. He is humbly and fun to work with.

Solomon Ughulu
CEO, Praxis Learning Centre Ltd, Lagos Nigeria.


Want to get your life back?

  • Do you desire more freedom? . . . to do the things that really appeal to you. .

  • Do you crave more time? . . to spend with loved ones without having to ask permission on when to start and when to finish. .

  • Want to chase your dreams? Do you have big goals, but are scared to death of how and where to begin because there are bills to pay. .

  • In search of fulfillment? Maybe money is not your problem, but you just don’t see how you can leave a lasting legacy doing what you are doing. .

Maybe I’m a bit lucky!

Thanks to a lot of personal development from my childhood, I quickly established some fundamental directions for my life. My dad’s extensive library and my interest in reading got me very knowledgeable in entrepreneurship, leadership and business way before I ever needed any of those skills. Thanks Dad! 😀

I was able to learn about the keys to true wealth – passive income and financial independence, and I wanted to get a hold of them right out of the gate.

I started searching for the right model.

My multi-millionaire mentor taught me a simple formula about success.

Success = Financial vehicle x Effort x Skill

At a skill of 10 and effort of 10, if you are not in the right financial vehicle, there will always be a limit to what you can attain.

I made some money on the side with Forex Trading, and much more money with Web Design..but I was searching for a financial model that had something more. .

I badly wanted passive income and a way to impact peoples’ lives and leave a lasting legacy in the world.

In September 2012, a friend showed me a 15-minute video, and my journey began.

I was dead broke, in over my head writing my final thesis report for my masters degree in Architecture . .zero in the bank account. .  didn’t even have an international passport . . . . but I Made a Decision and the journey began.


Have you ever experienced that one moment when you know this is your shot, your big chance to realize the wishes that are deep in your heart?

You are reading this right now and you know deep inside you that you are ready to go all out to build your business . .

You know exactly how you want your lifestyle to look like and you are just looking for the right vehicle that can give you a shot at it . .

You are already self-motivated but looking for a platform that rewards you according to your effort and productivity, not merely by the number of days you show up.

The time is now, it will never be just perfect. you can make it perfect by deciding to do something now!

Just like I had September 27 2012 as the date I decided, you can decide today to get started on working on your dream, and to take your business and life very seriously.

  • What dreams do you have? Has life happened to you and suppressed those big dreams you once bragged about?

  • Do you still have a picture of the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family?

  • Do you desire more Cash-flow and Income so you can have more options in life?

  • Want to increase your financial base so you can show more people you care. . by giving more and helping facilitate notable projects and causes in your local community?

You’ll need this . . and lots of it!

Self-motivation above all is what got me to where I am, and what will get me to where I am going faster than many others. I made the decision that regardless of whoever or whatever happened, I would achieve my goal whatever it takes, and that was a commitment to myself and my future,

“Success is just a couple of good decisions and habits maintained consistently while failure is a couple of bad decisions and habits maintained consistently.”

Some of the core things that are instrumental to your growth and development are:-

Personal Development; your commitment to never ending improvement in all areas of your life,
Vision Board; you must constantly place the end in mind, and a vision board does just that,
Discipline; sheer doggedness and resilience to keep it until it works,
The Right Vehicle; Back to the formula for success, you need the right vehicle to be able to get you to the right destination. I read a quote that said

“People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”
– Thomas Merton

Didn’t realize when I hit the $10,000 mark in my business…those little commissions do add up. . lol!

It was my upline who called me one morning and said, ‘Adeposi, do you know you’ve earned up to $10,000 in commissions with the company’, and my first reaction was ‘No way!’..but i checked and added all those checks ($200 + $400+ $1000. . . ) and boy, they really do add up!

Like the Internet of Things, I have always felt Adeposi is a living infrastructure of ‘things’ because of his vast understanding of how ‘things’ work and fit together.

We are approaching a future of ‘things’ and Adeposi is someone who understands, and is ready for that future.
‘Baba ‘Deji

I’ve said all these to say this!

Just keep going . . Just keep shooting, as long as you don’t stop swinging, you will definitely hit a home run soon!

You can make it! You can build a $6- $7 figure home based business leveraging the power of the internet, and you claim your life back to spend it with those you love only doing things you are passionate about.

I believe in you and that’s why I created this blog to show you that you can do it. Maybe my success, failures or just something in my story or in the content I share may inspire you to go on to create your own success.

You have to believe you can do it also!

With the right vehicle, a supportive team and your unfailing commitment to your goals, you will undoubtedly succeed!

adeposi okupeI look forward to connecting with you somewhere around or at an event online or in person.

Feel free to connect with me online and let me know how I can help you.
I’d be glad to offer advice or direction for you to get in line building your business.

To your Future . . by design!

 Adeposi Okupe

: atmokupe
Email: atmokupe@gmail.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/adeposiokupe
Blog: Adeposi Okupe’s Blog – Online Network Marketing and Blogging Expert

PS: Want to get Coaching from Adeposi Okupe or possibly Work With Him?
Email me privately at atmokupe@gmail.com stating what your goals are and how you think I can help you, and I’ll see if we’re a fit to work together!


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