Who is Adeposi Okupe?
Adeposi is a dynamic, multi-talented entrepreneur with diverse interests which is his unique way of living life to the fullest.
At a very young age, he developed a huge appetite for learning and discovery and soon began checking off books from his father’s library.
Adeposi has developed to be well-rounded in faith, business and leadership principles with great mentorship to fuel his ambition to impact the world, beginning with himself.

Entrepreneurship & Business
What began as curiosity about the internet as a teenager resulted in extensive involvements in Foreign exchange trading and website design which opened his eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. According to him, he sees business as fun and he isn’t exclusively motivated by money. He perceives entrepreneurship as a game and enjoys winning.
He founded Quest Web Incorporated in 2006, a web-design and development outfit which offers affordable and innovative web products aimed at enhancing the operations of small and medium businesses.

In September 2012, he discovered a proven system to generate incremental residual income. Starting a business that is in constant, all-the-time demand, his business is centered on his passion of fun, fulfillment and freedom and is in operation in 25 countries around the world. He constantly seeks to team-up with servant-leaders, who genuinely want more in life and are ready to take charge of their future.

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Adeposi has left indelible marks in different organizations both voluntary and profit-oriented. He enlisted in a campus paramilitary organization (Man o’ war Nigeria) as a freshman in the University of Lagos and rose up the ranks quickly, breaking several records in offices, to become the youngest Commander-in-Chief ever of the Command at the age of 19, bagging recognition and excellent service awards. He held the position for two regimes as he was re-appointed for a second time. He claims to have learnt a very great deal of practical leadership principles during this 5-year period.
Adeposi has a contagious visionary penchant, which is easily noticeable after spending a short time interacting with him. He focuses on the future, lives in the present, applying the lessons learnt from successes and mistakes of the past.

Developing a knack for creativity, which he inherited from his Architect father, he can frequently be caught doodling or jotting on his notepad (always with him).
He holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and a Masters in Environmental Design, which he believes is the best platform into the creative world. Adeposi loves to tag himself as a master designer, maintaining that he isn’t limited to designing buildings and spaces only, but he also wishes to design strategies, systems, products and the future. His life mantra borders on freedom, innovation and purpose fulfillment and he expresses this in his hobbies which include music, graphics, art, literature, sports, technology, martial arts and personal development.
It is from this background that the Vision of #futurebydesign was born. Adeposi believes in taking charge of one’s life and not leaving it to chance, being at the mercy of unpredictable systems. He is on a mission to spread this gospel to the world through speaking, writing and his lifestyle.

An adventure junkie, Adeposi loves to discover new things, places and cultures. He is a lover of nature and has started on his dream to travel the world.

Adeposi speaks!
Doing what others won’t to have what others don’t

Speaking and Writing
Adeposi has spoken on several platforms in non-governmental, voluntary and religious bodies. With constant personal development, he has become a refined youthful stand, teaching leadership and entrepreneurship principles in agreement with the word of God to his generation. He is building a public speaking career and is well under-way to becoming a published author.

His life goal is to help others fulfil their life dreams and ambitions, being the best they can possibly be to their generation.

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