Who doesn’t want to earn 7-figures in their Network Marketing Business? You know it’s not just a lofty dream because you have seen many 7 and even 8-figure earners in Network Marketing Industry . . and they repeatedly tell us plainly what they did to get there.

Have you ever walked up to a top-earner at an event and just asked how they did it? I always ask the leaders these questions and without fail, they always answer along the same lines of, “Just focus and keep showing, stay committed and follow the easy steps”.

Here is where your frustration is.  They say they are doing the exact same thing you are doing but they are making millions while you are still struggling. Ever felt that way?

Today, you will learn 7 Secrets To $7-Figure Network Marketing Success.

“Habits will trump inspiration any day” – Peter Voogd.  Tweet This

These are not actually secrets but I call them secrets because you probably don’t realize how powerful they are, and the impact they can have on your business. They are more of habits and mindsets that you can develop to get you to $7-figure Network Marketing Success faster, so here goes:

1 |  Lead With Value value

You may have heard that how much money you make is only a representation of the amount of value you pump out into the market place. So it follows that if you are not making money, you are not putting out enough value.

Customers are not attracted to sales people and pitches. However, they are attracted to value and that is why they constantly flock to join the teams of top earners asking to work with them.

Note that putting value out there does not include pasting your company link or shoving the features of your product or opportunity down the ears of your prospects. It is a genuine interest to help them first, which may or may not lead to a sale afterwards.

The strategy here is that once start producing valuable content, your customers will keep gathering around you and coming back for more and they will begin to know, like an trust you more. And at the right time, they will convince themselves to work with you and signify without you having to do anything out of your way. Isn’t that a cooler way to build?

Rather than posting your company website on Facebook, share an inspirational quote, or an experience that can help others, or some material that gives value. Top earners constantly get tens to hundreds of quality leads everyday of people asking about their business and wanting to work with them, even without knowing their exact company or opportunity.

Tip: To begin producing value, use the ILT method. INVEST in your education and development, LEARN something you can use in your business and also something you can teach to your audience, and then TEACH It!  Tweet This

2 | Commit To Personal Development

I learnt from Matt Morris, the Unemployed millionaire, about the power of personal development and the effect it has on your success both in your personal life and in your business. This particular secret here is why Network Marketing is such a powerful model because success in Network Marketing usually also reflects in other aspects of your life.

KAIZEN: Constant, Never Ending Improvement.  Your commitment to always improve yourself is a crucial element in your Network Marketing success.

The truth is that not everyone comes into Network Marketing as an A-player. In fact, rarely anyone does. While there are systems and tools in place that make it possible to still earn money with little or no skill or development, you have to put an effort into developing the skills of Top Earners to scale your income. I talked more on how personal development dictates your income here.

Njim rohnetwork Marketing Success is a result of consistent development in your personal life and conduct, relationships with people, discipline, mental strength, and spirituality. When you get most of these things right, other aspects of your life outside of the business also see radical improvements.

For example, one of the most important things you learn when you begin this journey is that you are the average of the 5 people you constantly associate with. While you want to upgrade your associations in order to succeed in Network Marketing, what you have actually done is to raise your personal standards about associations and this not only impacts your income, but your values become better and your character also improves with time because of the quality of people you associate with.

What To Do When You Don’t Have Time

I must say it is not easy to commit to anything worth its while. But if you realize that this is something that must be done, you must learn how to form personal development into a habit.

The part you may find most difficult is finding the time. While this is a very real challenge, especially if you have a very busy schedule. I noticed that it was significantly easier for me to get up early in the morning and do 30 minutes to 1 hour of Personal Development when I was in the University than it is now when I have a full time job that I am juggling with my Home Business.
In school, I didn’t have the challenge of leaving home early to beat traffic, or getting home very tired after a stressful day so it was easier to find the time and actually the energy to commit to personal development. But as valid as this problem is, you must realize two things:

  • Which is more important? Your goal of financial freedom, or your challenge of having no time?
    Your commitment to personal development will determine the level of your Network Marketing Success. What you focus on expands!
    Each time you say you don’t have the time, you place your focus on your challenge and further empower it. You  have to consciously shift your focus to your goals and you can only maintain that through constant personal development. Read How Personal Development can 3x Your Income here.
  • If you don’t do anything about it, will it ever get better?
    Get Creative at squeezing out time from your schedule.  One of the adjustments I made because of my busier schedule is I started listening to more of audio content. I subscribed to podcasts of my favourite authors and leaders and a lot of times, I have bought to audio version of their books so I can listen while on the road, or working, or doing anything at all. Podcasts and Audio books saved my life and they will save yours.

Tip: If you can’t do 30 minutes at once, do 10 minutes of reading in the morning and 10 minutes at night, or split the chapter in two and read half in the morning and the other half at night. Tweet This Tip

3| Step Up As A Leader & Find Other Leaders

I if it is to be, it is up to mebelieve strongly that Network Marketing uses and encourages the ultimate form of leadership – one that focuses mostly on serving, building and lifting others up and less on selfish intentions. You have to step into the shoes of a leader in order to get to the next level in your business. You may start out with your upline doing a lot of the heavy lifting and you just having to plug-in to the system, but that can only get you so far.

The Mindset Of A Leader is that If it is to be, It is Up to Me!
At some point, you have to step up and become a leader in your business. If your team has a weekly presentation, that doesn’t mean you have to wait 7 days to expose people to your opportunity. You can run home meetings or 2-on-1’s during the week and direct your new sign-ups to the team weekly meeting. By doing so, you have more people at the weekly meeting and more guests also. And if you don’t have any company events in your area or region, you can take the initiative and start one.

The secret to fast and duplicatable growth is finding and building leaders on your team. To achieve Network Marketing Success, you must always be sorting. Not everyone who you talk to will join your business, not everyone who joins your business will take action, and not all who take action will step up to become leaders. You must always be sorting!

Spend time with those who deserve it and not those who need it. You have to teach your team to earn your time because your time is valuable is more profitable spending on someone who’s actually producing. If you see someone producing in your team, call them up and offer to do a training for their team to advance their progress. This will reward the producers and also motivate others to take action to earn your time.

Tip: Identify those showing leadership traits and reward them with your time. Do more of pouring fuel on the fire that going to start the fire yourself. This will motivate your leaders to take action and create more results than you doing everything by yourself. Tweet This Tip

4 | Team Building Mindset

Top Earners recognize that in order to create and maintain Network Marketing Success, they need a team that sees and believes in the same vision as they do.

A team will get you to your goal faster and easier, and that’s why Network Marketing is such a brilliant financial model. You can leverage on the efforts of a team and reap the compounded effects in income.

Yes, you are the sole owner of your business as a representative or distributor but you need to work with the team and become a leader that builds others up, if you want to ever reach top earner status.

Success is a team sport, and the most successful Network Marketers are those who have and are continuously building large teams.
The fastest way to a $7-figure Network Marketing Business is to help a few others get to $6 figures.

zig ziglar

Tip: Take your focus away from your success and help your team mates achieve their goals. In Network Marketing, the success of your team is eventually your own success. It is in your best interest to HELP YOUR TEAM WIN! Tweet This Tip

5 | Attend All Company Events

To achieve Top Earner status, you must make a conscious effort to attend ALL your company events. Those who attend events are at an unfair advantage over those who don’t. I am yet to see any 7-figure earner that doesn’t make it to their company events.

It’s easy to say that they make it to events because they are successful at have the money, but after digging a little, I found out that these guys actually made the commitment to attend the events before they created the success. In fact, almost all $7-figure Network Marketing Success Stories attribute their success to a breakthrough moment they had at a company event.

In my Network Marketing Company, our statistics over the past few years show that those who attend company events earn 10 times more than those who don’t. This is not a projection. This is an average of the incomes of all distributors in the company that attended events over that period against those who did not. In fact, as a personal experience, for every time I have had to stretch myself financially to make it to an event, I have always come back and made all the money back and more almost immediately after the event, because of all the energy that I come back with.

The Benefits of Attending Company Events far outweigh the cost of attending:

  • Seeing these people and learning from them first hand, trumps any experience you may have by listening to the training materials. This is raw, uncut, unedited advice you can get from top earners. The interesting thing is that sometimes your breakthrough moment may be the 2 mins you spend getting Network Marketing Tips from top earners or maybe just someone you meet and connect with.
  • Network Marketing Events are always super-charged with positive energy. You can not attend one event and come out without feeling you can take over the world. Attending events regularly is a sure way to stay motivated and pumped even when things are not quite working out yet in your MLM Business.
  • Attending events positions you as a leader. Putting up pictures of you with leaders and successful people raises your credibility and becomes something you can leverage on when prospecting.
  • Your belief system goes through the roof. Everyone gets discouraged when things are not working out, but seeing others succeed with the same product and opportunity fuels you with the belief that you too can win big.

Tip: Time spent attending your company event is never wasted. Rather, it rewards you in multiple folds in your finances, skill sets, relationships and personal development. Never miss one again! Tweet This Tip

Adeposi and Matt Morris
Me with Matt Morris, The Unemployed Millionaire at a high-level training convention in Florence, Italy

6| Focus On Profit-Producing Activities 

Your time is limited. You are busy right? So don’t spend too much time on activities that do not bring revenue in. The Number one key to Network Marketing Success is getting more eyes on your product or opportunity, and you should prioritize it as such. This includes running home meetings, webinars, live events, and one-on-one exposures. Especially if you are building your network marketing business part-time.

There is a temptation to keep refining your list, planning your next day and going over the invitation scripts and presentation slides to make sure they are perfect. All these activities are good, but they don’t bring a single cent into your business directly. So reduce the time you spend on them to the minimum and spend the bulk of your time on prospecting and recruiting new members and selling more products.

Let me shock you!

If you haven’t realized this, Training and motivating your team members is not a profit-producing activity. The time you spend explaining the compensation plan and how they can rank advance is not bringing any money. And your heartfelt inspirational sermon is also not going to determine if they produce or not. Producers are producers and non-producers are non-producers. You are more effective working with those who are already producing to further advance their success, and results are what should motivate the non-producers, not your precious time that should be spent getting more eyes on the presentation.

What You Do With New Reps is point them to the tools and plug them into the system. Get them acquainted with the Network Marketing tools and give them short goals to achieve. If they don’t achieve their first goal, they don’t deserve extra time or motivation.

If you have a sizeable team with a number of new distributors joining, you will find yourself having to do a lot of ‘Getting Started Training’ or answering the same questions all over again. While this may be good for your experience, it is also not a profit-producing activity, and they will only remember little of your 1 hour Fast Start Sermon anyway.

Tip: Point them to a company Fast Start Training or if your company doesn’t have one, record one and put it online or on a dvd and hand that over to all your new reps. That way, they can refer to it to refresh their memory and you will have gained back precious time. Tweet This Tip

7| Daily Routine

At the end of the day, this is what will determine if you are successful in your Network Marketing Business  or if you will struggle. Your Daily Routine will make or break you. Top Earners attribute their success to the consistency of their daily routine and will not let just anything deter them from following through on it.

One thing you should note when developing a daily routine is that you are not trying to impress anyone with your routine. It is something you are going to commit for several months and years to come and not just 1 or 2 months, so put that into consideration when coming up with your daily routine.

Getting 20 No’s a day as a prospecting goal is fantastic but it’s probably not something you can sustain for 2 or 3 years and still maintain a healthy outlook on other aspects of your life. That works well for a blitz period but for something long term, you will probably achieve more consistency and rhythm committing to 3 exposures a day for a longer period of time and this is more easily duplicatable with your team.

Having a healthy daily routine will not only help you create success faster, but will help you sustain the habits that success. Because if you create success without forming the habits that sustain it, it will only last for a while. True and lasting success if formed by habits and you can work the habits of successful people one by one into your daily routine and you will also create success in your life and business.

tony robbins quote

Tip: Some of the things that you should also include in your daily routine are Personal Development, Meditation, Gratitude & Affirmations. Tweet This

What Now? More tips on Network Marketing Success

There you go!

7 Secrets to $7-figure Network Marketing Success. . I hope you found value out of this and apply them to achieve in your Network Marketing Business.

If you did, please drop a comment and share which one resonates with you the most or which of them you are already applying. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s get the discussion rolling.

If you learnt a thing of two from this post, please take a 30 seconds to share this with others.

I’m curious! Know Any Secret I did not mention? Mention it in the comment box below and also let me know if you have and follow a daily routine!

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    • Lynda Kenny

      A very comprehensive blog post with some great advice for anyone in network marketing. You have learned from the best and it shows.
      Thanks so much for sharing some good insights with us today.

      • atmokupe

        Thanks for the kind comment Lynda! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Ron Deering

      What a great post…. you laid out those 7 points with great detail and value…. talk about leading with value… well, you did it… thanks for sharing that… love the picture of you and Matt Morris…

      • atmokupe

        Thanks Ron! I’m using the ILT method as well 😀

    • Joan Harrington

      Hey Adeposi 🙂

      These are fantastic tips for network marketing success! Thank you for always sharing tons of value on your blog 🙂 I do all of them except go to events…..have not had the real oppty yet 😉

      Thanks for a great post!!

      • atmokupe

        Thanks so much for your comment Joan. It’s nice that you are already applying 6 of these secrets. I’m sure that once you add that last component, you will see a huge impact in your business.

    • Mr Chris Carter

      Great value as always Adeposi! One of the things that stuck out to me is having a daily routine. It’s very important to have a plan for your 24 hours so that it is the most productive possible.

      • atmokupe

        Right on point Chris. In fact, without a solid daily routine the other points will not be really useful to us. I find that when I slack on my daily routine, my results suffer even if I have the required knowledge and experience. Another thing is that I actually realized I had to tweak my routine from time to time. This one point is so important.

        Thanks for your comment. Do you have a daily routine you follow currently? If not, let me know . .I can help you create one to get you to your goals faster.

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