4 Golden Rules of Sales

Written by on December 12, 2017

Want to increase your sales results, then align your business with these 4 fundamental principles of scaling.

A lot of businesses do not pay close attention to their sales activities.

If you think that because you have a great product, customers will just begin to flood your business, think again.

Having a great product design is just the beginning, you need a strong sales process to move your products into the market place and get paid what your product is worth.

Learn the 4 Golden Rules of Sales

The four things I talk about in detail in the video are:

1. Organize your contacts.

There is a limit to how many customers you can handle all in your head. The sooner you begin to adopt tools to help streamline your sales processes and business operations, the faster you will begin to see better results.

Most businesses progress from using their brain, to using a journal or notepad, then to Excel spreadsheets, and eventually to a CRM tool.

2. Clear and Repeatable Sales Process

Documenting your sales process helps you see the loop holes early and easily correct them. Another advantage is that you can tweak segments and see what actually works.

Havig a documented repeatable sales process makes it easy for you to have a consistent output with your sales team as everyone is expected to follow the blue prints so you have some level of certainty.

3. Tracking and Analysis

What gets measured gets improved.

If you don’t know your numbers, you won’t be able to improve them.

Keeping customer data such as birthdays, preferences, frequent orders make enables you to delight your customers by showing them you care about them.

You are also able to identify gaps in your process and fix them quickly.

4. Data Driven Operations

This is the game of the A players.

Once you have data for different aspects of your businesses, you are able to make projects as per your projected revenue and also your budget spending for the next foreseeable period of time.

With these four tips, you are able to position yourself for speedy growth and scalability as only a very small percentage of businesses every do this or take it seriously.

You need to invest in the right tools and systems that allow you to harness these golden rules, and one tool that does that perfectly is a CRM.

CRM is short for Client Relationship Management, and it basically helps you manage your interactions with clients, and helps you see the status of your operations with meaningful data and analysis in a single dashboard.

One tool I recommend for small businesses is Bizbinge.

Bizbinge helps small business owners manage the entire back end of their business.

They provide a robust e-commerce storefront and a CRM that gives you everything from bookings & orders, inventory management, product deliveries, client management to reciepts, invoicing, payments, and so on.

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