Have you been struggling and wondering how you can build a successful business leveraging the power of the internet?

Has Social media been sticking its tongue out to you rather than helping you scale up your business?

Well, for a lot of people, that answer is probably a Yes, and the reason is not far-fetched.

In the business world, ignorance is no excuse and what you don’t know will kill you!

Customers don’t buy your products just because it seems like a nice idea and you put a lot of work into it. .

Customer buy your products because you have successfully communicated the value it will add to them or the specific problem it will help them solve.

Business Success Tips

The way you build a successful business is by providing a specific group/ type of people with a specific solution to a specific problem. Anyway you interpret that in your unique business works fine, but the basic principles are fixed.

The fact that you post multiple times a day does not guarantee that your business will take off, if you do not have a deliberate strategy behind it.

So I recorded this video a few days ago sharing 3 Tips For Business Success

Watch the video to learn how to effectively build your business online!

Here are the 3 Tips again in Summary:

1| Focus on Building An Audience First before creating your product.

This may require a mindset shift on your part but it is a more effective way to go because once you have built a community of people who know, like and trust you, in the process of interacting and engaging with these people with consistent value you will begin to see trends in the things that they lack, need and desire. ..

And then you will be in a better position with better knowledge to create a product that they will absolutely jump at, but more than that, a product that will give them the most value.

I shared some tips a while ago on how to connect with your audience as that is also key in building engagement.

2| Focus on Building Your Real Business On The Back End

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they have an online business, when in actual fact, they simply have a business that has an online component.

Now those are two entirely different things.

All your Social media, blogging and Platform Building are great, but they all should drive people to your business on the back end.

If you are not doing that, with a deliberate system to converting total strangers into raving fans and then into satisfied customers, you really do not have a business.

3| Focus on Marketing To Your Ideal Customer

The natural way to think is that you want to appeal to a large number of people, so that you can get more potential customers.

That is called a ‘mud-on-the-wall’ approach to business.

You can never really make impact that way because your voice and content will be too watered down and your brand will never really be able to strike a chord in the hearts of your audience.

You need to focus on providing value to a specific target group . .

Once you have found your ideal customer, you need to spend a lot of time interacting, studying, and engaging with them so that you can understand their exact needs and desires, pain points and frustrations, and those will be vital information and knowledge that you can use in your communication.

Once you focus on marketing only to your ideal customer, your voice and your message will resonate with them very strongly and they will stick with you, because you will be speaking their unique language.


Those are three quick tips that can save you countless days and months of frustrated efforts in trying to build your business using the internet.

Was that helpful? It’s time to take action.

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