3 Steps To Guarantee Network Marketing Success

Written by on September 1, 2015

Network Marketing Success is just a combination of a few principles applied consistently over a long enough period of time. And because, in my opianybodynion, network marketing is the most holistic business model that comprises all facets of living,

Below are 3 simple yet powerful steps to guarantee Network marketing Success or any home business:

1| You Decide

I see a lot of Network marketers just coasting on the business and never actually breaking through and experiencing any success. The first thing you must do is DECIDE.

Nothing will ever happen in your business until you DECIDE TO WIN! It takes a lot of people months, and for some, several years waiting for the business to work before they eventually make the decision to work the business.

It’s not Net-whine Marketing or Net-Hope Marketing, it;s Net-WORK Marketing. Decide to put in work.

2| You Develop

The fact is that you can never earn more than your level of development. If you realize you are stuck at a particular income range and no matter how much effort you put, you just can’t seem to surpass it, start spending more time developing your self and your skills.
I learnt very early from my mentor Matt Morris that Success = Financial Vehicle x Effort x Skill and even if you put in 100% effort and you have the best business model (like we all believe our companies are the best out there. . Mine is the best by the way #justsaying), the multiplier effect on your success will be determined by you level of skill.

Make a conscious continuous effort to improve your critical skills : Communication, Leadership, Prospecting, Presentation, Promoting amongst others.

3| You Do Take Actionma

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. – John A. Shedd

No matter how much knowledge, training and wisdom you acquire, if you don’t take action, which is the effort part of the success formula in step 2, the result will still be zero. In network marketing, you are not only required to take action, but nearly everyone I know who has experienced a big break did so after taking MASSIVE ACTION within a short period of time.

As Marc Accetta would say, ‘Ignorance on fire is better than Knowledge on Ice

Go out and Crush It!

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  1. Lisa   On   September 2, 2015 at 2:26 AM

    Thanks for these three tips. They are very to the point! I am guilty of number 1 – I have from time to time “coasted” in my business. This lack of activity limits growth, although may keep things at a maintenance level.
    Working on personal development is a must. Not one person ever was born with a success mindset…we need to develop it!
    Taking action is critical to success. I have talked to countless numbers of people who attend every training but never implement. I believe that even if you learn the skills but have inner fear or no confidence, taking action becomes difficult. That’s why step 2 is so critical as well.
    thanks again! Have a great September!

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