I saw a quote by Lao Tzu some days ago about leadership and it stopped me in my tracks…got me thinking how many times we get it all wrong. Here’s it-

“A leader is best when the people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say ‘we did it ourselves”

That is a very fact that if understood will transform both our lives and business.

Most times, we get so involved that our business can not do without us. Referring to my earlier post about the power of leverage, there’s only so much you can do with your efforts.


In today’s world, the rules have changed and society needs more leaders than ever before. The truth is that even when they do stand up, there’s also only so much that they can do. This is the real issue with fighting for change. A few bold leaders stand up and because they are most times the only ones with the leadership ability with a bunch of highly emotional followers and sympathizers. Only after a seemingly short while, the leader is often exhausted.

Society is in dire need of leaders and we need to start seeking not only to pursue our vision but also to raise leaders who will also raise more leaders. That way, leaders will never be in short supply.


Your goal should be to become irrelevant to your business. That simply means that your business should not only be able to thrive without you, it must also be able to grow without you. Many times, we are so involved that when we are unavailable, the business becomes paralyzed.

On the upside, the more leaders you have in your business, the more money you will make because you would have duplicated your vision and ability. My goal is to become totally irrelevant to my business, that way I will have an increasing income from it with or without my effort. When I achieve that, then I can say I’m successful.


  • Duplication. A leader needs a productive mix of skill and Vision.
  • Communicate the vision to them until they breathe it like you do.
  • Delegate tasks and review their performance with a goal to build them up. Don’t condemn.
  • Stand down. This may be the hardest part. Give them space to discover their uniqueness and style. Be okay with them making some mistakes, learning from them and growing from their experience.
  • Credit them. Be fulfilled to stand in the crowd and cheer for your leaders when they are receiving credit for their accomplishment. Let them take full credit for their work. You don’t always have to be in the spotlight. Be satisfied as a leader to do your work in the background.

The interesting thing is that the credit will eventually come back to you in multiples because they realize they couldn’t have done it without you, then you will have your reward in that fulfilment.

Let the leaders please stand up!!

Have a great weekend!

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