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Adeposi Okupe is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of The Side Business Network, a group of high achievers helping each other to start and grow businesses so that they live financially independent lives impacting their world in the best ways possible.

Adeposi has been around the internet marketing space all his life. He got an early start in the late 90’s snooping around websites and learning how to code and blog, and began his first business as a web designer and developer as a teenager.

A sucker for constant and never ending improvement, Adeposi has invested the better part of his wealth in courses, books, coaching programmes and conferences learning everything from Personal Development to Sales, Marketing, Wed Design & Development, Architecture & Design, Information Technology and Leadership Training.

Adeposi recently launched his Entrepreneurship show on YouTube, Side Business Network TV – where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and gets them to share their stories and teach how to build profitable businesses.

In addition to running Side Business Network, Adeposi also co-founded Design Party, an architecture & design-thinking organization with a mission to co-create the future of Nigeria through Design.








What People Are Saying

Mr. Adeposi Okupe is a very positive, passionate and enthusiastic person. We have had opportunity to work together in the same team, he has great team spirit and demonstrates awesome leadership. I admire his ability to quickly see and focus on the bigger picture. He enjoys helping other see the bigger picture too. He is humbly and fun to work with.

Solomon Ughulu

Solomon Ughulu

I reached out to Adeposi to help me with setting up a professional blog for my network marketing business. He did a fantastic job with the design and marketing back-end, and even threw in a free coaching session with me on how to do effective content marketing.

Yemisi Femi-Pius

Yemisi Femi-Pius

I believe Adeposi will grow to become one of the greatest leaders in business in Nigeria. He has a heart of service and helped me tranform my ordinary blog into a marketing machine that converts.

Adewale Adebusoye

Adewale Adebusoye

Like the Internet of Things, I have always felt Adeposi is a living infrastructure of ‘things’ because of his vast understanding of how ‘things’ work and fit together. We are approaching a future of ‘things’ and Adeposi is someone who understands, and is ready for that future.

Baba Oladeji

Baba Oladeji

Side Business Network TV

Adeposi interviews successful entrepreneurs on how to start and grow profitable businesses from scratch. New episodes released weekly.

Watch the latest Episode here